Its not for making. Its for reading.
12 February – 5 April 2009
FormContent, London
The Garden of Forking Paths
28 May-18 July 2009
with: Eric Bell & Kristoffer Frick, huber.huber, Leslie Hewitt & Matt Keegan, Nashashibi/Skaer
curated by Latitudes
Maisterravalbuena, Madrid

Labyrint 09 - Writings and Observations
7 November -13 March 2010
curated by Joanna Sandell and Pia Sandström
Konsthall Botkyrka, Sweden
6 January - 12 February 2010
curated by François Aubart
with: Pierre-Olivier Arnaud, Céline Duval,
Aurélien Forment, Mark Geffriaud and Pierre Leguillon
Art et Essai, Rennes, France
A library of gaps and silent documents
9 - 14 February 2010
curated by Pieter-Paul Mortier
with: Alfredo Jaar, Jonas Mekas, Mariana Castillo Deball,
Manfred Werder, Daniel Knorr, Anita Di Bianco,
Sebastian Romo, Lisa Oppenheim, Mathew Buckingham,
Joseph Cornell, Melvin Moti, Deepblue
Stuk Arts Centre, Leuven, Belgium

The Front Room
3 - 14 March 2010
Roman Schramm & Haris Epaminonda
Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, St Louis, USA

The Table - The Reading Room at ROMA
26 May 2010 - The Infinite Library (Book #11,#23, #28, #30)
curated by Cecilia Canziani & Ilaria Gianni
a presentation with NOMAS Foundation
Rome, Italy
The Page
20 May - 16 July 2010
group show curated by John Stezaker & Matthew Higgs
with: Tom Burr, Anne Collier, Shannon Ebner, Wade Guyton
Richard Hawkins, Matthew Higgs, Judy Linn, Sara MacKillop
Michalis Pichler, Nick Relph, Tim Rollins & K.O.S.
Paul Sietsema, Frances Stark, Dirk Stewen, John Stezaker
Kimmerich gallery, New York
The Infinite Library
16 September - 02 October 2010
solo presentation
curated by Luca Cerizza
This exhibition is part of Arte Libro Festival del Libro d´Arte
Museo di Palazzo Poggi & Biblioteca Universitaria, Bologna, Italy